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The Audiolab 8200 series marks a new generation of products for a storied British brand. The designers have worked diligently to maintain the ethos of the brand while infusing a level of musicality and modernity into an exciting new line of products.

The construction of the chassis exhibits an extraordinary attention to detail, including perfectly fit aluminum panels that not only add to the quality of build, and design, but also improves the sound quality by reducing magnetic noise. The same attention was given to the internals of each unit, which uses only the finest quality audiophile components. Every product has been designed to the highest standard without compromise.

A new range of digital products allow for extraordinary flexibility for system building, yet maintains Audiolab’s simplicity in form and function. A wealth of digital inputs including asynchronous USB will keep Audiolab’s DAC/CD units playing music libraries regardless of how it may be stored, today and in the future. The 8200 series introduces a range of products that users will continue to enjoy for years to come.

In addition to the 8200CD, the 8200CDQ adds full preamp functionality whilst maintaining the same chassis size as the 8200CD. The existing digital inputs are joined by three line-level analogue inputs, providing source selection and volume control in the analogue domain. The preamplifier section is fully balanced and all analogue input signals are converted to balanced form, helping to reduce distortion and noise. Class A gain structures are present throughout, and users may choose between preamplification in the analogue or digital domain in respect of the digital inputs. In addition, the 8200CDQ adds a direct-coupled, discrete, Class A headphone amplifier, accessible via a socket on the front panel.

John Westlake leads the design team responsible for developing the 8200CD and 8200CDQ. Johns technical skills have delivered award-winning digital audio products spanning the last two decades and a variety of companies have benefitted from his expertise. John is convinced that the 8200CD and 8200CDQ are the finest CD players he has ever designed.


• 32-bit/84.672MHz oversampled/upsampled, 512 element, multibit array DAC (four DACs per channel)

• 1920x oversampling with 44.1kHz source from CD/USB

• Asychronous USB supporting 24-bit/96kHz with driverless remote control of PC/Mac media player (via HID support)

• 2x 24-bit/192kHz coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs

• 2x 96kHz optical digital inputs

• 3x 2Vrms analogue line-level inputs

• Low jitter optical and coxial S/PDIF outputs

• Selectable analogue or digital preamplifier mode

• High-current, single-ended and balanced, discreet Class A output stage

• High-performance, direct-coupled, discrete Class A headphone amplifier

• Custom CD servo design – with ultra-low-noise PSU for OPU

• Full remote control and external remote I/O loop

• 34 regulated power supply rails

• 14 ultra-low-noise discrete regulators

• User-selectable digital filter settings – software upggradeable via USB port

• Master clock jitter less than 3psec short term

• Top-quality component parts used throughout, including: ultra-low-ESR capacitors; high-tolerance polypropylene film/foil capacitors; ultra-stable, very-low-VCR 0.1% MELF SMD resisitors; four-layer PCB

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Audiolab 8200CDQ OLED CD Player/Pre Amp

Finishes: Black or Silver
Warranty: 24 months
Available from: Poole, Salisbury & Online
Delivery: Free Fast Mainland UK delivery on in-stock items (excludes Scottish Highlands)

Our Price: £999.00

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