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The signal processing of cartridges is one of the most delicate jobs in amplification. All the more so because it isn't done by merely boosting a few hundred microvolts to a few hundred millivolts. In fact, at this thousandfold amplification level (60 dB) the signal must be processed as cleanly and noise-free as possible. The extremely low signal and frequency-related amplification which arises from the RIAA equalisation curve applied when cutting LPs, make the highest demands of the circuit topology and technical realisation of a phono preamplifier.

Our award-winning QUASAR phono stage, with its discrete conception and wide range of features, meets the requirements of even top-class turntable/cartridge combinations without being "necessarily" expensive in the usual high-end fashion. On the contrary, it represents a unique bargain at this price level and for the quality it offers.

Technical details

The QUASAR is built in dual-mono configuration from the power supply upwards. There are two separate amplifier stages for MM and MC cartridges, both being fed from their own regulated power supply arrangement. Optimum adjustments to the cartridge in use can be applied for sensitivity and load by various settings of the jumpers on the PCB. The two separate outputs with different sensitivities make it possible for preamps or recorders to be fed via 'Low Out', whilst its 'High Out' can drive power amps directly.

The output stage has huge headroom at extremely low noise levels and, due to its low output impedance and high current delivery, can drive long interconnect cables without any sonic degradation.

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Heed Audio Quasar MM/MC Phono Stage

Heed Audio Quasar MM/MC Phono Stage

Finishes: Gloss Black or Gloss White
Warranty: 12 months
Available from: Poole & Online
Delivery: Free Fast Mainland UK delivery on in-stock items (excludes Scottish Highlands)

Our Price: £470.00 (with Q-PSU £770.00)

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Input sensitivity (MM):

Input sensitivity (MC):

Input impedance (MM):

Input impedance (MC):

Output level / impedance:

Frequency response (+0, -1dB):

RIAA accuracy:

Signal to noise ratio (A-weighted):

Channel separation:


Dimensions (WxHxD):


100 / 200 / 600µV (variable)

47kΩ (MM), 470Ω (MC)

100 / 470 / 1kΩ (variable)

500mV / 100Ω

3 Hz - 150 kHz

0.3dB in whole range

85dB (MM), 78dB (MC)


24dB (MM), 22dB (MC)

9.5 x 7.2 x 25cm

Heed Audio Quasar MM/MC Phono Stage

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