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The Gold Standard for HD Music.

This one sets the standard. Incredible HD sound, powered by a top-of-the-line Burr-Brown DAC, and internet connectivity turns your stereo instantly into a high performance HD music system. Better sound, bigger capacity (6,000 CDs!) and more features than any product in its class.

Store all your CDs in hi-fi digital.

Just insert a CD, tap import on the touchscreen and a few minutes later your music is appropriately tagged and neatly categorized in your music library. Your Olive 4 Hi-Fi Server holds up to 6,000 CDs in original (FLAC) quality, preserving the artist's work with all its subtleties and nuances. No longer will your music come to you compromised by typical MP3-style compression.

On top of CDs, all Olive servers can also be sent digital audio files straight from a computer on the same network. Already have an existing digital library? Transfer it via simple drag-and-drop.

You'll hear the difference in all your digital music instantly. Unlike MP3 music players, the Olive 4 uses a high-resolution DAC, delivering a richer, truer sound.

Find the music you want fast.

Use the intuitive touchscreen navigation to conveniently browse your music by genre, artist or album; do a quick search; or combine your favorite tracks into playlists to set the mood for any occasion. You can also flip through album artwork displayed in brilliant color. When it's this easy, you'll rediscover music in your own collection and enjoy it all more. And you can even do this from the comfort of your armchair with the supplied IR remote control.

Wish you could access your touchscreen from other rooms? Get our free app and turn your iPhone, iPad or Android device into the ultimate remote control for your Olive 4 Hi-Fi Server. This means of control not only allows you to interact with your music in a new way, but you can also control multiple Olive devices in different areas of the house, all from one place.

Introducing a radio on steroids!

Extend your musical repertoire and enjoy thousands of free internet radio stations, delivered directly to your stereo system. On the Olive touchscreen, get detailed information about the artist, album and track that is currently playing, as well as a 'quality' readout of the station.

Easily integrates with your current system.

Olive 4 Hi-Fi Music Servers are designed to beautifully stand out and easily fit into your existing hi-fi system. Which means dramatic results when it comes to the sound you get from all your digital sources. Connect by either the analogue or digital outputs to your existing set-up, or, if you want to enjoy the Olive 'sound' even more; use your server as a DAC for an existing CD Player or other component with a digital output facility.

As a true standalone solution it does not require a computer, software installation or virus protection to keep your music from harm. We're all about keeping it simple.

Quality in every way.

Unlike listening to your music on a computer, iPod or MP3 music players, the Olive 4 Hi-Fi Server combines a high-resolution DAC, optimized circuit design, CD quality digital sound, ultra-quiet hard drives and passive cooling to eliminate fan noise to deliver the best possible hi-fi audio experience.

We have equipped the Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server with premium-quality analog and digital audio outputs, so the sound quality delivered to your stereo is flawless. You'll maximize your signal transfer with the 24k gold RCA connectors and can use the Olive 4HD as an outboard DAC for any digital music source. With 24-bit/192kHz oversampling, noise and distortion are ultra low resulting in incredible purity in both high frequencies and low-level detail.


Every detail has been carefully considered to deliver simple function and elegant aesthetics. The heavy-gauge aluminum enclosure eliminates operating noise and vibration. With passive cooling there is no need for a noisy fan, so you'll be the only one whistling to your favorite song. The angled front makes it easy to see the color touchscreen and to access the control buttons, while the use of ultra-quiet hard drives, cushioned in eight layers of noise-canceling padding make sure you only hear the musical performance.

Key Features:

   Dedicated HD music server with built-in CD drive, touch screen and network compatibility

   Wi-Fi and Ethernet network access

   Built-in internet radio database

   Stunning and functional design

   Burr-Brown Digital-Analogue Converter, 24-bit/192kHz

   High-quality components throughout

   UPnP compliant

   HDMI output to view your Olive screen on an HD TV.

   App control available with free download to compliant smart device


While we have made sure our Hi-Fi Servers and multi-room Hi-Fi Players make music in perfect harmony with each other, we have also ensured they integrate seamlessly with all the other members of your orchestra.

Just as easily as it hooks up to your stereo system, the Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Server also connects to your home network. It sports wireless (802.11n) as well as wired (Gigabit Ethernet) connectivity and supports WEP and WPA encryption (up to 128-bit) to give you ultimate flexibility. An automated setup assistant gets you connected in just minutes.

As a server, the Olive 4HD can be found and interacted with by the Olive 2 Hi-Fi Player. But on top of this, all UPnP devices can see the Olive 4HD, and many can play back your music as well.


Custom-built in the USA

* The Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Server is designed and custom-built in San Francisco, expressing the innovative energy of the Silicon Valley and the music passion of the Bay Area. Each Olive 4HD is built to order, guaranteeing you the latest in technology at the best price possible. And it gives us the opportunity to quickly respond to the many special requests that our customers have. After all, each Olive 4HD becomes as unique as your taste in music.

Best-in-breed Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC)

* Proprietary, high resolution DAC featuring Texas Instruments' 192khz/24-bit Burr-Brown PCM1792A

* DAC may be used as an outboard DAC for any digital music source. With 24-bit/192kHz oversampling, noise and distortion are ultra low, resulting in incredible purity in both high frequencies and low-level detail.

State of the art technology platform & high-speed processor.

* Ample processing power for multi-tasking

* Simultaneous recording of and listening to CDs

* Flawless encoding and decoding of lossless audio format

* Fast management and access to extensive music libraries

Color LCD 4.3" wide-aspect ratio, high-resolution touchscreen (480 x 272 pixels)

* Superior color and image quality

* See more of your music information and browse by album artwork

* Color-coded touchscreen navigation lets you find your music fast

Hard Drive Ultra-quiet 2TB drive, cushioned in 8 layers of noise cancelling padding.

* Holds almost 20,000 HD tracks or 6,000 CDs in original CD sound quality

Design Energy-efficient design and heavy-gauge, heat dissipating aluminum enclosure.

* Passive cooling without noisy fan

* Ultra-quiet operations. Be the only one whistling to your music.

CD mechanism TEAC CD-R/RW

* High fidelity CD audio playback

* Protective lip on CD slot to eliminate noise from internal components and protect CDs

Networking Wired Gigabit Ethernet

* Fast bandwidth for seamless multi-room audio streaming

Wireless 54 Mbit/s (802.11n), Encryption WEP + WPA, 64- and 128-bit

* Ultimate security.

Audio Outputs Analog 1x RCA, 24k gold-plated

* Wide variety of high-quality audio outputs to connect to your stereo system:

1x digital output S/P DIF optical Toslink, 1x digital output S/P DIF coaxial cinch, 24k gold-plated

Digital Inputs S/P DIF optical Toslink, 24k gold-plated

Audio Formats Bit rate: 16bits, 20bit, 24bits, Sampling Frequency: 10kHz up to 200kHz

* WAV, FLAC, MP3 (128 and 320 kbit/s), AAC (128 kbit/s).

Other Ports 1x USB 1.1/2.0

* Backup your music library to an external hard drive

* IR Input. Connect an external IR Receiver to control your Olive 4HD if it is behind solid cabinet doors.

Fits perfectly into your stereo system

* Measurements: Width: 17.13", Height: 3.35", Depth: 11.42"

* Weight: 13.2 lb

Box also includes

* 1x user manual, Olive remote control w/ battery, WiFi-antenna

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Olive 4HD Music Server

Finishes: Black
Warranty: 24 months
Available from: Poole & Online
Delivery: Free Fast Mainland UK delivery on in-stock items (excludes Scottish Highlands)

Sale Price: £1599.00 (ex-demo, usually £2499)

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