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Quadraspire goes further from strength to strength with the launch of the new Sunoko-Vent T that will revolutionise your system. The new SVT version is very different from the original although looks the same at a glance, our improved design dissipates vibration away from the electronics and through concave aluminium columns delivers a clearer, cleaner musical performance. Each Sunoko-Vent T shelf is 25mm (1”) thick and is made from real wood veneered mdf and can hold equipment up to 120 kilos in weight whilst the slotted shelves keep mass low and provide maximum ventilation for the equipment.


   heights – 100mm (4”); 140mm (5 1⁄2”); 180mm (7”); 216mm (8 1⁄2”); 256mm (10”) and 326mm (12 3⁄4”).

   Maple; Cherry; Dark Oak (Wenger) and Black.

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Quadraspire SV2T Sunoko-Vent AV Rack/Stand

Finishes: SHELVES: Cherry, Maple, Oak, Dark Oak (Wenger), Black, Clear & Sandblasted Glass, COLUMNS: Silver or Black
Warranty: 12 months
Available from: Poole & Online
Delivery: Tel Poole 01202-730865

Our Price: (see below)

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Quadraspire SV2T Sunoko-Vent AV Rack/Stand

Shelf & 32mm or
SV32mm Columns/Feet


£35 (Set of 4)
£80 (Set of 4)
£80 (Set of 4)
£30 (Set of 4)
£20 (set of 4)
£80 (set of 4)

SV2T Sunoko-Vent
Shelf Price


Shelf Accessories

19mm columns or feet
32mm columns or feet
SV32mm columns or feet
QCST Castor
QC Floor Protector
QX7 Floor Protector

Quadraspire SV2T Sunoko-Vent AV Rack/Stand

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