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Built to the same exacting standards as all Roksan equipment, and based on the award Winning Kandy LIII Integrated Amplifier, the K2 Stereo Power Amplifier delivers a muscular 120 watts of power per channel to your system.

The K2 stereo power amplifier is derived from the K2 integrated and sets the new standard for affordable, high-end power amplifiers. This power amplifier is refined way beyond expectation providing a powerful, punchy yet delicate and musical sound full of dynamics and timbre. The sound stage and musicians have the realistic scale and 'air' about them that is achievable by only a few of the very best power amplifiers, regardless of cost.

The new K2 power amplifier benefits from totally revised internals. The mains transformer and the AC circuitry utilise improved components and layout. The switchable input selects between 'Straight' or 'Trimmed', allowing full gain adjustment when used with other amplification .The new circuitry provides immense power with excellent resolution and negligible distortion. The music through the K2 stereo power amplifier is powerful, engaging and with exceptional timing. This is an excellent stand-alone Power Amplifier which is also a perfect match for the K2 Integrated Amp in multi-amp configuration.

Key Features:

   New Main amplifier PCB

   Symmetrical amplifier layout

    Optimised power supply layout, distribution an decoupling

    Better decoupling and power regulation to all stages

    Improved Straight Input section

    Improved Trimmed Input section

    Switch-able straight & trimmed inputs with full volume trim

    Directly powered power amp section form the main power supply

    Improved grounding

    Optimised routing and shorter speaker output cables

    New improved protection circuit

    Improved wideband noise rejection

    Elimination of internal cables and connections for improved performance

    Reduced residual hum and noise

    Redesigned chassis and cover with improved ventilation  

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Roksan K2 Kandy Power Amp

Finishes: Black or Silver
Warranty: 60 months
Available from: Poole, & Online
Delivery: Free Fast Mainland UK delivery on in-stock items (excludes Scottish Highlands)

Our Price: £695.00

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Roksan K2 Kandy Power Amp Roksan K2 Kandy Power Amp

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