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The Roksan M2 Integrated Amplifier advances the performance of its class of amplifier to a new level. The ease with which the M2 negotiates the loudspeaker load through even the most delicate yet demanding musical passages is almost unbelievable from such an elegant, pure looking amplifier. Its control and authority appears to be backed by a state of the art power house!

Resolution of detail is so harmonic and full of emotion that is reminiscent of our world acclaimed Roksan L1.5 reference preamplifier. Of course pedigree has played an important role but the relentless refinements, tests and never ending demands are what made this project come to life and result in such success.

We are proud to present the M2 Integrated Amplifier alongside the M2 CD Player; together these two are perhaps the most iconoclastic electronic components from Roksan yet.

The M2 Integrated Amplifier is now available in a limited 'Black Edition'. The pots have been changed to an attractive black finish, and the red LEDs to blue - further adding to the elegance and beauty of this fantastic sounding amplifier. SRP £1,795.00

Key Features:

   Independent Analogue Output stage Power Supply

    Output protection with high current relays

    Independent Preamplifier stage Power Supply

    Supplied with the new RMX111 Learning Remote

   Thermally controlled fan assisted heat-sink cooling

    -20dB mute function

    350VA ultra low noise, Power section Toroidal transformer

    60VA ultra low noise, Pre section Toroidal transformer

The M2 Integrated amplifier’s independent power supplies combined with fully symmetrical complimentary circuit design ensure the amplifier uncovers even the most delicate detail and presents it majestically.

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Roksan M2 Caspian Integrated Amplifier

Finishes: Black, Silver, All Black
Warranty: 60 months
Available from: Poole, & Online
Delivery: Free Fast Mainland UK delivery on in-stock items (excludes Scottish Highlands)

Our Price: £1695.00 (all black version £1795.00)

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Roksan M2 Integrated Amplifier Roksan M2 Integrated Amplifier Roksan M2 Integrated Amplifier

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